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Yeast Problems in Autism, ADHD and ADD

Poor attention is the common denominator among tipsy patrons at a bar, who otherwise may display striking individuality in response to their consumption of yeasty beverages.  There are sad, sleep, happy, hyper, aggressive, hostile, insensitive, friendly, and apologetic drunks all of whom have consumed the same number of drinks.  If tested, all would show poor gross and fine motor skills, as well as attention deficit.  This analogy sparks instant recognition in parents of children who display various aspect of a state of intoxication, not with alcohol, but with other microorganisms such as candida or yeast of the brewing process that is taking place in their gut flora.

In a recent study, “gastrointestinal symptoms (assessed by the 6-GSI) were strongly correlated with the severity of autism. Click here to read the abstract.”

Other current reports suggest that “Candida, particularly Candida albicans, growth in intestines may cause lower absorption of carbohydrates and minerals and higher toxin levels which are thought to contribute autistic behaviors”

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