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Individualized Exercise Program

As with diet, exercise must be individualized for each patient. There is no drug or therapy that comes close to improving a person’s health than exercise. The systems that are affected positively by exercise are blood pressure, blood flow, cardiac output, dissolved oxygen in the blood, energy output, blood glucose/diabetes, metabolic rate, muscle health, obesity, pulmonary/lungs, sympathetic nervous system and bone health. Virtually every system in the human body is affected in some way by increasing levels of physical activity. Exercise can be categorized as muscular/strength training, anaerobic (sprinting), endurance training (aerobic)

The bottom line is the benefits of regular exercise causes a substantial decrease in all causes of mortality.

Exercise exerts a powerful acute and chronic effect on virtually every system in the human body. In assessing these effects and prescribing exercise, it is important to keep in mind the very different effects of aerobic versus resistance exercise. Both forms of exercise are recommended and should be a component of a comprehensive exercise program.

Dr. Hunt has an Honours Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (BPHE) degree, which gives him the experience and knowledge to assist his patients with an appropriated exercise plan

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