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Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer disease causes many of the same symptoms as other types of dementia. However, people with Alzheimer disease may have an especially hard time remembering recent events.

Alzheimer disease causes problems with:

  • Memory
  • Using language
  • Personality
  • Thinking clearly

These problems make it hard to do normal daily tasks, such as shopping, making meals, and managing money. People also may have trouble behaving appropriately.

Early symptoms of Alzheimer disease:

  • Forgetting things that just happened
  • Feeling depressed, afraid, anxious, or having few emotions
  • Having trouble making decisions
  • Having trouble finding the right word to say
  • Getting confused by things seen and heard
  • Finding it hard to drive a car
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep
Later symptoms of Alzheimer disease:
  • Trouble remembering past events
  • Not recognizing familiar people and things
  • Wandering
  • Getting irritated easily to the point where the person may lash out and hit others
  • Not knowing the time or place
  • Needing help to do daily activities, such as eating, getting dressed, and bathing
  • Unable to hold urine

Eventually, people with Alzheimer disease lose almost all brain function. They can’t get out of bed or even move. Eventually, they can’t even swallow food that’s placed in their mouth

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Lyme Disease is on the rise!

Lyme Disease is on the rise!

Do you have a health disorder that has not been diagnosed because all the testing to rule out the disease comes back normal? Usually there are a great many differing diagnoses from a lot of physicians. Symptoms of Lyme disease can often be mistaken for a variety of other diseases, as it can negatively impact multiple aspects of health.

The first symptoms may include “bull’s eye” rash, flu-like symptoms – fever, nausea, muscle aches, headaches, joint stiffness, and/or light sensitivity. The later symptoms can be quite severe leading to paralysis, muscle stiffness and pain, heart palpitations and blockage, inflammation of the heart, chronic fatigue syndrome, balance problems, bi-polar like symptoms, memory loss, loss of sexual desire, extreme fatigue. Click here to read more from the Canlyme website

Lyme disease is an inflammatory infection that spreads to humans though tick bites. The ticks can resemble a freckle and are therefore hard to see. As time passes both the treatment and diagnosis become difficult. Please see complete this questionnaire if you suspect that you have Lyme Disease. Click here

At Hunt Naturopathic Clinic Inc., we make is our mission to offer the best testing for tick borne disease that is comprehensive and accurate. (info on testing). With the proper diagnosis you can receive the correct treatments to restore your health and get back to enjoying your life.

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